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Ainslie transforms pain into purpose, channeling her experience as an abused and neglected youth with Complex PTSD into advocacy through a heartfelt partnership with A.W.A.R.E. Causes. A beacon of resilience, Ainslie is fiercely dedicated to uplifting children in need, intertwining her auditory artistry with a profound mission to amplify the silent cries of the vulnerable, ensuring they’re heard, acknowledged, and ultimately, healed. Her journey from hardship to healing resonates in every narrative she breathes life into, endeavoring to extend a hand of solace and solidarity to those traversing their own turbulent tales.

a.w.a.r.e. causes

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Embarking on a deeply personal journey toward wellness, Ainslie found an ally in Calmi-Go amidst struggles with chronic anxiety, tongue mobility issues, and TMJ disorder. Ainslie, whose voice has serenaded audiences in myriad sonic spaces, discovered a harmonic resonance with Calmi-Go’s drug-free, holistic approach to managing anxiety and enhancing breathing. It has notably improved her quality of life, turning each breath into a melodic testament to resilience and tranquility. Advocating for healthy, positive habits, she embraces and promotes Calmi-Go, finding solace in its gentle assurance, and hopes others will, too, find their peaceful refrain amidst the cacophony of anxiety.


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Ainslie's voice narrates not just stories, but also a personal saga of chronic body pain, a silent melody woven through her daily life. Exhaustive pursuits through a labyrinth of specialists, from chiropractors to internal medicine experts, became a refrain of fleeting hope and enduring discomfort. That is, until she discovered 'The Nuckle' by Aletha. This compact, transformative tool became an unexpected protagonist in her narrative, addressing and alleviating profound pain that had long eluded relief. Now, with The Nuckle as her daily, portable companion, Ainslie embraces each day with renewed vigor, championing the little tool that brought big change, and hoping her story becomes a prelude for others on their journey toward relief and recovery.

the Nuckle

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