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Books, plays and essays

Ainslie Caswell's writing career reflects her innate talent for storytelling and her dedication to mental health advocacy. From a young age, she immersed herself in writing stories and poetry, harnessing the power of words to express her thoughts and emotions. Ainslie's exceptional ability to craft well-researched and compelling research papers further showcased her writing prowess. Now, she aims to utilize her writing skills to shed light on her own mental health journey, offering insights into PTSD and other anxiety disorders.


Through her candid and empathetic approach, Ainslie hopes to provide solace and support to those facing similar challenges while fostering a greater understanding of these often misunderstood conditions.

Published Writing

Stories for Bed

Who is the one love you always return to?

Who is that one person who stole your heart,

and never gave it back?

These stories describe four times such a couple meets,

connects, and separates.

How Having PTSD Can Impact Chronic Body Pain

For the past several years, I have been chasing pain in my body. It feels like a phantom......

PTSD + Abusive Clients

The story I am about to tell occurred well over a year ago.....

My Cone Biopsy and Dancing Into The Night

After almost four years in Los Angeles, I had done what any sensible girl had done: I had obtained a bachelor’s degree, done some waitressing and bartending, gotten a nose job, been a fully clothed background extra in a porno......

Why an Exotic Dancer Is (Financially) Just Like Your Hairdresser

When I was a stripper, people were surprisingly curious about how I made money. “So, you’re a contractor?” men would often ask.

What 'I'm Just Kidding' Sounds Like to Someone With PTSD

Have you known folks throughout your life who like to say outrageous things and wait to get a reaction out of people? Then, they follow it up with a quick, “I’m just kidding!”.......

Why We Need to Check In With Children During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sometimes, when you think a secret of yours is accidentally showing, you go to even more trouble to hide it. In fact, some secrets are so well-hidden, you begin to hide them from yourself......

Full Length Play

Little Sister

A mother and her two daughters become housebound for two days following the hospitalization of the younger daughter. After running away and burying their problems for most of their lives, all three must address and face deep-seated issues in their relationships, and in themselves.

Finalist, Sanguine Project Playwright 2016, Brooklyn, NYC

One-Act Play

The Waitress

A very small restaurant in a modest-sized city has a small staff of three. Guests are treated to an unexpected experience of being able to receive whatever they order.

Premiered July 2016, Strawberry One-Act Festival, NYC

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