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Starting over

May 17, 2018

To move forward with my work, I have moved studio spaces.


The long and the short of it was that, in late March, a recording space was promised to me. In April, the group I was corresponding with ghosted me and stopped returning my calls and messages. For a legitimate non-profit group to abandon me in such circumstances was heartbreaking and very damaging to my work/income/relationships.


In a later post, I'd love to outline more details of what happened, specifically with one author pulling all book rights from me when I was 1 day away from finishing their project. Unfortunately, sometimes audio producers and narrators have no protection, no matter if a contract is in place. My work wasn't pre-paid and the agreement was for royalty share... so I completed the work, but the author still has the right to do whatever they want, apparently.


Until then, keep plugging away.




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