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"Under Ice" photo story by Jenny Thompson

Updated: Mar 8

Leading up to this creative collaboration, photographer Jenny Thompson put out a call on her social media wanting to explore various nightmare scenarios in photo form.

I reached out to her saying I had an idea to explore a "trapped under ice" storyline. To my delight, she said yes.

That was as far as the concept went.

I went to a craft store, got a sheet of Plexi and some fake snow spray, put on some icy makeup and we met at a local body of water. After surely disturbing some local beach-goers and being unsure if I got any water parasites up my nose, we each went home.

When I received the collection of edits from Jenny, it shocked me how starkly these photos depicted my journey through trauma, specifically as a neglected child.

I have gone through periods of isolation, confusion, hope, failure, wanting to end everything, rage, intense love, shock and horror, and more I cannot describe or remember.

And it's never over. Even when you get "out," it's still not over. It's just beginning.

Endless thank you to Jenny for helping tell a story I didn't even know we were telling.

See the full set now on my gallery page, or follow my IG to see the photos released with pieces of prose (from me) accompanying each picture.

Also, follow Jenny at for the latest in her amazing work.

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