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Listen to Ainslie read a favorite story on 'Chat with Dan'

Updated: Mar 8

One of my favorite stories from Neil Gaiman is 'The Wedding Present.' It's an elusive story buried in the forward of a collection of entirely different short stories. Therefore, it's left out of the table of contents or any description of the book.

I wasn't the only one who loved it. It was eventually published on its own, but in smaller less popular books. You can find it narrated by him in a few audio recordings, but I have often found it by chance.

Like many pieces by Neil, it has subtle twists and turns that you don't anticipate. It doesn't present as a spooky story, but the further you get into it the more unsettled you feel. You start to remember what reality is, and what it is not.

When Dan reached out to me the week of Halloween and gave me free rein to read a story of my choosing, I was briefly torn between this one and a piece by Stephen King.

Neil won.

Please enjoy Dan hosting me on his show to read 'The Wedding Present' by Neil Gaiman. I hope I did it justice.

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