Where did all this begin? Great question.

Ainslie began her adult life at a young age. In between surviving, she found a great passion for creative writing, prose, live performance, and visual art. She is a textbook theatre kid, and considers herself an actor first.

Just after graduating college, she found herself performing as an exotic dancer in Los Angeles and Las Vegas at the top of the '08 recession. Though she left the west, her erotic work only evolved into in-home fetish specializing, camming, and erotic storytelling as she struggled to accept this part of her identify while still retaining her autonomy.

Embracing her natural voice, Ainslie began to freelance as an audiobook narrator and commercial voice artist, maintaining a presence in the romance/erotic community as she saw fit. Her non-fiction writing covers her experiences in sex work, as well as her mental health path. She has been consulted as an expert for NPR Los Angeles on the topic of strip club unionization, spoken on several podcasts, and narrated over 30 audiobooks under various names. Her vocal talents have appeared off-Broadway, in a major retail product for SecurAm, as well as many commercials and ads used around the world.

After chasing down several unanswered questions, Ainslie was finally diagnosed with complex-PTSD in her early 30s. This has become a pivotal influence in her essay writing, and she hopes to explore it further as time goes forward.

As a freelance model, Ainslie has the privilege of knowing many talented photographers at every level, and herself has an undeniable thirst to just create beautiful things. If you feel the need to create, she wants to create with you. Inquiries and ideas are welcome, anytime.