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Ainslie is an actor from the American north east. She was born into a fragmented family who thought they were still wealthy, but were actually in the latter stages of dwindling away the very last hopes of any generational assets.

Her earliest memories of acting are of passing messages between her parents to keep the peace. Next, came creative oral book reports, followed by a formal request to MC a speaking engagement at age 9.

Her attempts at education were mostly futile, and she graduated with a BFA into the 2008 recession. Feeling as though she had to create her own safety net, she began exotic dancing and other types of sex work.

A theatre kid at heart, she put her voice to creative use when she began narrating books in 2013.


In 2016, she published her first essay about finances and sex work for The Billfold.

In late 2016, Ainslie was diagnosed with complex-PTSD, which became the focus of most of her public writings. She has since published essays for The Mighty, and other publications on Medium.

After producing approximately 40 audiobooks, Ainslie began to transition to freelance commercial voice acting in 2017. She has since delivered over 600 recordings to clients of all types for radio, television, private businesses, YouTube, retail products, AI, tech apps, and more. 

In addition to the occasional personal essay, Ainslie can often be found developing her own personal audio projects, combining her talents of voice acting, creative storytelling, and maladaptive daydreaming.

She is always seeking out her next projects, in addition to new people to add to the team. Ainslie is looking to grow into whatever her "next steps" might be. What can you offer? Visit the contact page to reach out.