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About Ainslie


Ainslie began to discover her voice and penchant for performance at the age of ten. Her school book reports and class presentations began to get more complex and creative, involving characters, costumes, and improvisation. At age 12, she was asked to MC her first live event.

Through school and beyond, Ainslie performed in live theatre and special event performance art. In 2007, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from a small private university in Los Angeles with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts. 

In 2013, only after years of being complimented on her voice and lending her vocals to projects as an afterthought, did she begin to pursue audiobooks.

After producing over 40 audiobooks for indie authors and small publishers, Ainslie transitioned to short-form commercial audio. Her voice can be heard on everything from YouTube instructionals and regional commercials to educational apps and AI prompts.

In between, Ainslie has found time to create several passion projects and speak about issues close to her. In particular, she writes and speaks about her personal path growing up in a neglectful and abusive home, her experience as a sex worker, her struggles with alcohol, and being diagnosed with complex-PTSD.

Ainslie strives to create truthful and honest art, which is almost always influenced by her personal experiences. She strives to speak clearly about her path in hopes it helps others find theirs.

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